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Do you ever find yourself craving a cake so delicious that it almost makes your eyes roll to the back of your head? Well, you can stop pinching yourself because this is real life. This moist and fluffy coconut cake combines a layer upon layer of coconut flavor with a creamy coconut frosting. The best part is that there's half the sugar! We've blended erythritol with white sugar to reduce the sugar load but not sacrifice on flavor. Sink your spoon into this rich and fluffy slice of heaven that's guaranteed to sweeten even the grumpiest of days
Picture of The Big Apple Slush Mix

The Big Apple Slush Mix

Start with our Big Apple Slush Mix How good does a healthy cocktail sound? The Big Apple Slush Mix is the perfect drink for your next get-together. Infused with moringa, a tropical leaf that grows in Southeast Asia, this sweet and tart apple drink will have your taste buds singing for more. The Big Apple Slush Mix can be served over ice in a glasses, with or without alcohol and it is also great as a mocktail or non-alcoholic cocktail. You can infuse the mix with alcohol to make an adult cocktail, serve over ice to make a refreshing drink option, or add the mix to sparkling water for a fun fizzy drink. Packaged in a scoopable jar. Makes 12 to 14 drinks
Picture of Mean Green Bread

Mean Green Bread

Who doesn't love a slice of bread? How about something that levels up your nutrition you can easily make from home? Grab a package of our Mean Green Bread. Who said healthy eating has to be a bore? No one! So why not give our Mean Green Bread a try? This is a nutritious, simple-to-make loaf that’s infused with Moringa. The pumpkin seeds and sunflower seeds on top provide additional nutrition and make it look picture perfect. Toast it, put it in your sandwich or eat it as is: munching on a slice of Mean Green Bread can be a great way to level up your nutrition! Makes one loaf.
Picture of AM Green Zone

AM Green Zone

Bump up your AM nutrition with AM Green Zone. Do You Bake's AM Green Zone is an easy, delicious, and nourishing breakfast that will help you get through your morning without crashing or snacking. It's packed with superfoods like protein powder, moringa, chia seeds, and flax seeds. Vanilla and caramel essense add flavour to the mix. And it'll be ready in just 15 minutes!. Makes enough for 6 servings.