Chocolate Chip Cookies

These special chocolate chip lovin products are available only through August 6

** Blonde Bombshell brownies are available all year long


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Picture of Blonde Bombshell Brownies

Blonde Bombshell Brownies

A rich sweet dessert bar. A cross between a brownie and a caramel chocolate bar because when baked the cookie caramelizes with a little light outside crust. To top it off, these bars are filled with semi and sweet chocolate. Makes 8x8 pan-ful
Picture of Chocolate Chip Cookie Granola Bar

Chocolate Chip Cookie Granola Bar

Is it a cookie? or a granola bar? How about the combination of both! All the healthy goodness you love about a granola bar mashed up with a chocolate chip cookie. Half the sugar mix! We've combined erythritol with cane sugar for a lower sugar granola bar. Mixed with quinoa,hemp, chocolate chips,walnuts and pecans. A perfect crunchy and soft healthy bar that's also been pumped up with our protein powder. Delish and nourishing all in one.