Cheese Tips For The Perfect Cheeseboard

Cheese Tips For The Perfect Cheeseboard

There is nothing like a perfect appetizer spread at your holiday gathering.  Hard cheeses, soft cheeses and dips adorn our holiday tables for our pre dinner munchies.

A few great tips to keep in mind as you select your cheeses and prepare your cheeseboards for your guests feast!

Cheese Rule #1 : How Much!

A good rule of thumb is 2.5oz or 75g of cheese per guest. 

Cheese Rule #2 : For Best Tasting!

Cheese definitely tastes best when warmer.  Remove your cheeses from your fridge an hour before you are ready to serve your appetizers.

Cheese Rule #3 : Wine Pairings!

Wine definitely goes best with cheese, right?  Make sure you pick the right wine!  An easy rule of thumb is to match the intensity and bold flavor of your cheese with the intensity and boldness of the wine.  So what does that mean exactly? Pair a bold big red wine, like your cab sauvs with a big bold cheese like blue cheese or a sharp aged gouda

Cheese Rule #4 : Best Way to Keep Leftovers

If you do have any cheese left, its best to wrap your cheese in parchment paper followed by a layer of foil. Store in your cheese drawer / crisper in the fridge.  The parchment paper encourages air flow around your cheese to help with moisture control and prevent spoilage

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