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Spongy, tasty, and yummy! Great cakes can now be made in your kitchen itself in an easier and delicious way. Our cakes will take your next party or get-together to the next level!

We know a homemade cake is the best way to make any occasion extra-special! Bake your own whether you prefer chocolate, vanilla or any flavor in between, we’ll make sure you have the mix you need bake your next crowd-pleasing cake!

You'll wow your guests with your skills in the kitchen!

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Picture of Lemon Squares

Lemon Squares

Sweet, Sour, Lemon goodness. Starting with a delicate shortbread-like bottom and a ridiculously good lemon filling. Big Box Mix. Makes 9x13 panful
Picture of Saucy Cake : Lush Lemon!

Saucy Cake : Lush Lemon!

Awesome saucy! Lush over this lemony, cake treat. As it cooks it separates into a sponge cake layer lightly infused with orange and a smooth orange citrus sauce underneath. Makes a 9x9 pan of lush-lemon, saucy goodness.
Picture of Saucy Cake: A L'Orange!

Saucy Cake: A L'Orange!

Zesty goodness with an infusion of orange magnificence. As it cooks it separates into a sponge layer lightly infused with orange and a smooth orange citrus sauce underneath. Saucy and delicious! Makes a 9x9 pan.
Picture of The Chocolate BOMB

The Chocolate BOMB

Rich, decadent, and fudgy chocolate cake, right in your Slow Cooker It's totally doable (downright easy, actually) - and totally irresistible. A chocolate cake with a delicious chocolate sauce. Yass almost like a lava cake but oh so much gooeyer!
Picture of Bananas Foster a la Slow Cooker

Bananas Foster a la Slow Cooker

The classic New Orleans dessert in cake form with an ooey gooey butterscotch and caramel sauce. Add fresh bananas and a few simple ingredients for a luscious gooey cake made in slow cooker style. Serves 4 - 6
Picture of Pink Lady

Pink Lady

A dessert that can be made three ways! Pick up this mix and you decide! This mix can be used to make pink lady cookies, pink lady cupcakes or a lush pink lady loaf. Bring home the PINK this summer and enjoy pink lemonade as a dessert!
Picture of The Great Canadian SMOREs Frozen Dessert

The Great Canadian SMOREs Frozen Dessert

The ULTIMATE Frozen dessert! A s'more bar in a frozen version. We've taken sweet graham cracker cookie crumb bottom and top and sandwiched it between a silky and creamy cream cheese filling, swirled with chocolate ribbon. Makes one standard 8x8 pan-ful. Just add butter, cream cheese & sweetened condensed milk
Picture of Chocolate Zucchini Cake : KETO edition

Chocolate Zucchini Cake : KETO edition

This cake is moist and absolutely delicious. Loaded with chocolatey goodness. Veggie power boosted with your fresh zucchini. Oh and did we mention this is KETO -riffic? Our coconut flour based mix contains no almonds and is also great for those with almond allergies. Mixed with sugar free chocolate chips for added chocolatey sweet. Makes one 8x8 panful or standard size loaf pan
Picture of Chocolate Zucchini Cake: Traditional

Chocolate Zucchini Cake: Traditional

Top selling mix, every summer and we're bringing it back for a limited time! This is a moist fudgy type cake. Sweet but not overly sweet! This makes fabulous use of all that summer zucchini! This is also a fantastic cake to make up ahead and freeze in individual slices. Just thaw on the counter or pop in the microwave for a delicious treat. Looking to fancy frost? This pairs well with any cream cheese frosting! Makes one 8x8 panful or standard loaf pan.