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Maca Root - Adrenals, Stress and Sex .. Yeah Really
Maca Root - Adrenals, Stress and Sex .. Yeah Really

We use MACA in several of our Crave It Products including our Mega Maca Energy Bar Mix. Find out It's Sex Boosting, Energy Stoking, Stress reducing and Adrenal Fatigue killer combo in our article below


Fall & Winter Catalog Is Here!
Fall & Winter Catalog Is Here!

Our New Catalog has rolled out the doors!

From KETO 🥗🍳🥓 to Gluten free🥞 to Anything goes 🥧🍲🥘... there is something here for everyone!

KETO Challenge

Interested in learning about KETO?


Thinking about joining our KETO challenge?  Read more here!  My intro to KETO, my 100+ pound weight loss experience and what you can expect as a KETO challenge participant

We're Celebratng SMORES

Campfire smores make everything better. We're rolling out the red carpet for National Smore Day with a sale on our Great Canadian Smore Bar Frozen Dessert and with several exclusive Smore inspired Products - A hot smores Baked Dip and a delicious smores stuffed cookie cup are among our exclusive Smore's Celebrations