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5 Five-Minute KETO Recipes that Make you go MMMMM
5 Five-Minute KETO Recipes that Make you go MMMMM

Following a KETO diet doesnt have to be hard, complicated or time consuming! Try these 5 five-minute KETO lovin' recipes that will definitely shave off time and keep your tastebuds going MM good!


#1 TAVO Sandwich

Tuna and avocado are two wonderful sources of healthy fatty acids (omega three amo...

A Closer Look: The Cauliflower
A Closer Look: The Cauliflower

The cauliflower is a marvelous wonder of nature. Not only does it look like a tiny albino tree (which in and of itself is awesome), it can also transform into a million different and delicious meals.

It’s main benefit is, that it is a low carb alternative to the potato, while being just as versatil...

Bulletproof Matcha Keto Latte Recipe

Bulletproof Coffee is a rich, creamy coffee drink filled with healthy fats.

We've taken the concept of bulletproof coffee and turned it into a KETOGENIC green tea matcha latte. 

The principle behind a bulletproof coffee for KETO followers is this : When you add additional fat into your morning r...