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3 Benefits Of The Keto Diet

3 Benefits Of The Keto Diet


Carbs are an important part of the human metabolic process. They are stored in our liver and muscle cells in the form of glycogen. Their role is to serve as a quick source of energy for our body.


Once our body gets depleted of glycogen, the liver starts producin...

Introduction Of Ketogenic Diet: A Beginner’s Guide

Introduction Of Ketogenic Diet: A Beginner’s Guide

We’ve been told that a high-fat diet has always been synonymous with weight gain for years, and in some cases, people will do their best to avoid all sources of fat. However, according to research, a different style of dieting claims it can help ...

5 Tips to a Better KETO Experience
5 Tips to a Better KETO Experience

I've lost A LOT of weight and I know all the struggles you can go through when you are trying to change your lifestyle and habits.  I have also worked with two different groups of people on their weight loss goals through KETO diet based practices. 

Keto is the latest in hot diet trends. It works by fundamentally changing how your body processes food and turns your fat reserves into energy. Once your body reaches a ketogenic state, it no longer burns carbs (or sugars), but instead gets all its energy needs form fat.

If you are looking to get into KETO or if you are looking to achieve a better balance or just a better experience, here are a few of my tips to consider!


Bulletproof Matcha Keto Latte Recipe

Bulletproof Coffee is a rich, creamy coffee drink filled with healthy fats.

We've taken the concept of bulletproof coffee and turned it into a KETOGENIC green tea matcha latte. Find our recipe here!