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Blog posts tagged with 'holiday entertaining'

Hot Buffalo Chicken Dip
Hot Buffalo Chicken Dip


Get game ready with this amazing baked buffalo chicken dip recipe that takes less than 10 minutes to prepare.  This has all the big flavors of chicken wings without the fuss of fat and frying!


To add some crunch, top with crispy toasted onions or crispy jalapenos the last 5 minutes of baking....

Easy Party Appetizer Recipe : Meatballs 2 Ways
Easy Party Appetizer Recipe : Meatballs 2 Ways

Party Appetizers are fun bites of flavor explosions. Those quick eats before your main dish and the reason we don't eat all day so we can enjoy all the delicious variety of foods upon us at our holiday gathering.

Party appies don't need to be difficult! In fact our meatball duo can be made ahead in...

3 Ways to Cook Bacon
3 Ways to Cook Bacon

Let's review your bacon cooking options before all those holiday guests arrive!

There are 3 ways to cook bacon

#1 : Skillet

This is the most popular bacon cooking method. When we think of crispy bacon, we think skillet cooked bacon.

Put the bacon in a cold skillet (yes cold!), then set your stov...