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A Guide to Boosting Your Happy Hormones - Dopamine
A Guide to Boosting Your Happy Hormones - Dopamine

A Guide to Boosting Your Happy Hormones - Dopamine

Understanding your happy hormones could help you to enhance your emotional wellbeing. Substances like dopamine and serotonin play a significant role in regulating your moods.

What are hormones? They’re messengers secreted by your glands and carried through your bloodstream. Even in tiny amounts, they can cause major changes in your body. They also need to be kept in balance because they interact closely with each other.

You can usually keep them functioning well by using gentle, natural methods or following your doctor’s recommendations if you develop a deficiency. Learn more about your happy hormones and how to make them work for you.

Today we’re going to put our focus on Dopamine:

Your brain’s pleasure and reward systems depend largely on dopamine. Dopamine is one of the reasons why you feel warm and fuzzy when you receive a compliment or any positive attention. It also helps with executive function and motor control.

Use these strategies to boost your dopamine levels:

#1 - Fulfill your goals

Adding to your accomplishments is a natural way to increase dopamine levels. Give yourself something to strive for each day and celebrate your victories.

#2 - Limit sugar

Your diet matters too. Excess sugar and saturated fat can inhibit dopamine production. Cut back on empty calories and switch to healthier fats. Omega-3 fatty acids found in foods like fish and nuts actually boost dopamine.

#3 - Get some sun

Have you ever felt so good after an afternoon under the sunshine? It probably because Vitamin D. It strengthens your bones and may increase dopamine. Spend time outdoors each day and check labels for foods fortified with vitamin D.

#4 - Listen to music

One study found that dopamine levels increased by as much as 9% when volunteers listened to music that they enjoyed. Create playlists for exercising, working, and other daily activities.

#5 - Have fun.

While music may be especially influential, other healthy pleasures work too. Make time in your schedule for hanging out with family and friends and working on hobbies and other things you enjoy.


“How about serotonin?” you asked. Yes, stay tuned! We’re going to talk about it and some other happy Hormones in the next article.