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Navigating A TON of Food Allergies and How Do You Bake? Helps - Shelly Dugger Weighs In
Navigating A TON of Food Allergies and How Do You Bake? Helps - Shelly Dugger Weighs In

Want an awesome VEGAN egg replacer recipe?

If you have food allergies, you probably can relate! It's so hard today to navigate all the food aisles and the food products when you and your family have so many food allergies it sometimes makes buying groceries so incredibly difficult!

Pick up some of my tricks and tips on how to navigate so that you find something for everyone AND keep everyone safe and sound!

Food…our lives revolve around it.

When we gather with others there is almost always food involved. That is one reasons I fell in love with Do you bake? as it offers more variety and makes meals and snacks easy!

But for some, FOOD is not only a big part of their lives but it can be scary too.

Why? Allergies!!

If you know someone with food allergies, you know what I am talking about.

You have to read every label and question what’s in things all the time. You can never let your guard down.

I have a family member with life-threatening allergies and another with a few intolerances. We are always checking and double checking what’s in food and how it is prepared.

Do you bake? has been a great addition into our lives not only because of how healthy it is but with our allergies as there are a number of mixes that easily work for a variety of allergies.

I have been able to make a number of our products work with the allergies.

First, there are no peanut products so that takes care of that allergy. And, for some of the products that call for adding peanut butter, other nut butters can be substituted if peanuts are the only allergen you are avoiding.

Many of the Gluten Free mixes can be made without using butter and eggs. They bake up great using coconut oil and an egg replacement that I have used for years now.

Egg Replacement Recipe:

  • 1 ½ Tablespoons Oil
  • 1 ½ Tablespoons Water
  • 1 teaspoon Baking Powder.

Mix these together and then add to whatever you are baking. This is to replace ONE egg.

Do you bake? Gluten Free Banner Banana Bread is our favorite.

So many times, recipes or mixes designed to avoid allergens do not stick together or rise appropriately, but that’s not the case with these!

There are many options to pick from though: chocolate chip cookies, sugar cookies, gluten free pizza crust, all-purpose baking mix and more.

The Gluten Free Cheeky Chocolate Cupcakes are amazing as well. I was SOOOO excited when I got to make these for my son. These were delicious, didn’t fall apart even with NO eggs or replacements and…

It was the first time my son was able to have a Chocolate Cupcake!!!

Yep, first time at the age of 16, because they do not have peanuts, tree nuts, dairy or eggs in them.

You can also make the Shortbread and Ginger Snap cookies without egg and butter as well. Again using coconut oil or dairy free margarines. (I use the margarine with the shortbreads )

Do you bake? has a number of seasonings that do not contain the top allergens. These can be used on meats and vegetables for a quick and easy meal. The variety of seasonings is great as they can be used to change up some of the same foods that you have to eat often due to allergies.

Overall, navigating allergies has been difficult but with a few simple tricks and replacers and knowing the products and the company you buy from makes all the difference in the world!

Shelly Dugger, Silver Ambassador