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A Healthy Diet Combined With Cheese For Cheese Lovers
A Healthy Diet Combined With Cheese For Cheese Lovers

A Healthy Diet Combined With Cheese For Cheese Lovers

In the last article, we mentioned the health benefits we could get from cheese. It’s not only good for our hearts, bones, and teeth but also helps us consume more protein and good bacteria. It gets us more Vitamin D and B12, which help us on bones, immune(Vitamin D), brain functions, and blood cell formation(Vitamin B12).

Hence, this week we’re going to talk about how to put them into our daily diet. Here are seven tips for you to start a great and healthy diet with all your loved food in it!

#1 - Limit your portions

While cheese is a nutritional powerhouse, the calories add up fast. One ounce of cheddar contains about 115 calories. That’s about the size of four regular dice.

#2 - Choose soft cheeses.

Most soft cheeses are lower in calories than hard cheeses. In addition to cottage cheese, you may want to try ricotta, mozzarella, and feta. Neufchâtel is also a delicious substitute for cream cheese with only one-third of the fat.

#3 - Add to vegetables

How you eat your cheese counts too. Think of it as a flavoring rather than the main course. Grate it onto salad greens or make a light sauce with nonfat milk.

#4 - Serve with fruit

Make your desserts more wholesome. Instead of cakes and cookies, end a meal with figs and Camembert or blackberries and Brie.

#5 - Sprinkle on soup.

Soup is a filling way to start a meal, especially if you liven it up with a little cheese. Some tasty pairings include topping off an onion soup with a layer of Gruyere or garnishing a black bean and spinach soup with shavings of Manchego.

#6 - Bake your own pizza

Instead of ordering a pie with double cheese and pepperoni, make your own lighter version. Use a whole wheat crust and top it with more spinach and less mozzarella.

#7 - Go natural

Check the labels to be sure you’re buying cheese rather than cheese products. Processed cheese is often lower in protein and calcium and higher in calories and fat.


Stop saying no to cheese, instead, let’s try out all these tips and have our favorite cheese every day! Enjoy your life in the healthiest way.