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Cupcake Walk - Carnival Game!
Cupcake Walk - Carnival Game!

What is “Cupcake Walk”?

As the music plays, players walk around a large circle from number to number. When the music stops, a
number is picked from a hat, and the player standing closest to the corresponding number on the circle wins a

Required Items List

❏Cupcakes of any flavor
❏Enough poster board. Normally around 12 to 15,
depends on how many players are there.
❏Black marker
❏A Hat
❏Music player

Set up

1. Mark each poster board from 1 to 12 and put them on the ground in a big circle.
2. Mark another 1 to 12 on white paper and put them into the hat.
3. Get good music ready to play!

During the Game

1. Players will walk from one number to another one.
2. Players have to stop on a board when the music stops.
3. One number will be drawn out of the hat, and the player standing on the corresponding number will
be named as a cupcake winner!

Winner & Prize

The winner will be named and will get to choose what
cupcake they want!