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Best Buckeye Sheet Pan Pancakes
Best Buckeye Sheet Pan Pancakes

Breakfast just got a lot easier and faster with these Sheet Pan Pancakes! Same great flavor and texture, but no more waiting, flipping, and family will absolutely love these! Seriously the fastest way to gourmet style pancakes.

We've used our Buckeye Pancake Mix to create this panful of brunch goodness. An over the top chocolate pancake, sheetpan style, topped with a peanut butter icing (icing mix included in package).  Seriously easy!

Step 1 :

Empty Do You Bake? Buckeye pancake mix into a bowl. Add your eggs & milk according to package directions.

Step 2 :

Grease your sheetpan WELL with butter. I mean don't skimp on this step. It really adds to the texture, the flavor and the over-all bounce of your pancake.

Step 3 : PREHEAT oven 425F

Step 4 : Make your icing according to package directions in a separate bowl

Step 5 : BAKE your mix for 15 minutes or until your pancakes spring back when lightly touched

Step 6 : Cut your favorite fruit and serve alongside syrup and drizzles of your peanut butter icing

Hello gorgeous brunch awaits you and no one would ever know it took you less than 10 minutes to prepare!

Mothers Day Dessert : Strawberry Fool
Mothers Day Dessert : Strawberry Fool

Make this foolishly simple dessert!

So what's a strawberry parfait fool? 

Our version includes our no bake Vanilla Cheesecake topped with slightly crushed fresh strawberries, a handful of your fave granola and of course whipped cream to boot.


  • 8oz cream cheese, soft
  • Do You Bake? No Bake Loaded Blondies (One mix)
  • 4 cups whipped cream or whipped topping
  • 1 pint washed and cut strawberries
  • 1 cup granola
  • 6 wine glasses or parfait cups

Make your cheesecake!  Whip your cream cheese until soft, beat in your Do You Bake? No bake Tahitian Vanilla cheesecake mix and then gently fold in 2 cups whipped topping or whipping cream. Set aside

In a separate bowl, add your strawberries and mash with a potato masher, lightly. Set aside

Layer your dessert!

Granola followed by cheesecake followed by strawberries and then a dollup of whipping cream.  Repeat one more time. Refrigerate until ready to serve.

YUM and way easy!