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August EZINE

Because the World Has Changed.. So Have We!

A few changes this year to keep you in the know

#1 - Monthly Editions! Every month we will have a NEW Ezine for the month filled with NEW products each and every month

#2 - Monthly Products! Our products inside each issue are only available through that specific month or while quantities last, if applicable

#3 - Instant Savings! NEW this year to help you stretch your dollars more!To save you MORE when you shop enjoy instant savings! Check out the Savings details on the last page of this Ezine! Earn up to $40 off your order, instantly!

  • Spend $60 and get $5 off : add code DYB5L
  • Spend $100 and get $10 off : add code DYB10AU
  • Spend $180 and get $20 off : add code DYB20AU
  • Spend $300 and get $40 off : add code DYB40AU

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Picture of Peach Ice Tea

Peach Ice Tea

A delicious mash-up between peach and ice tea. just add 1 Tablespoon of our peach ice tea mix to a 12 or 16-ounce glass, stir and top with ice. Mmm.. enjoy.
Picture of Strawberry Kiwi Splash KETONES

Strawberry Kiwi Splash KETONES

The perfect addition to any keto or low-carb diet. Our signature KETONE mix includes a careful blend of KETONES, BCAAs, MCTs and delicious strawberry kiwi flavor featuring real strawberries
Picture of Matcha Green Apple Energizer

Matcha Green Apple Energizer

Transform water into wellness! This blend is a natural refreshment that will turn your boring glass of water into delicious flavored water with a boost of energy from real matcha green tea powder
Picture of BAZINGA! - The ONE August Meal Box

BAZINGA! - The ONE August Meal Box

Our one meal box this month is a perfect comfort food meal. Starting with our top selling Spinach & Artichoke dip mix in a single batch pouch format, moving to our top-selling classic baked mac & cheese for dinner and then finishing off the meal with our over the top Texas Sheet cake featuring a to die for boiled icing, over the top chocolate style of course!
Picture of BAZINGA! - The Mystery August Meal Box

BAZINGA! - The Mystery August Meal Box

The mystery meal box is just that! A complete mystery. In your box, you will receive one meal mix, one dessert mix, one small bites/dip or appetizer mix PLUS a fourth mystery mix. Our mixes shipped in each box may be completely different! Order one today and one in a week and your mystery box may be entirely different!
Picture of Movie Theater Popcorn Cupcakes! For Small Kids

Movie Theater Popcorn Cupcakes! For Small Kids

Bring the movie theater home..cupcake style! Make a batch of our popcorn crazy cupcakes to enjoy for dessert with the kiddos or at your next movie theater from home experience watching your favorite action figure movie, Disney cartoon fantasy, or more!
Picture of Cream Puffs! For Big Kids

Cream Puffs! For Big Kids

Fancy Schmancy right from home. A project big kids and little kids can enjoy or get the whole family involved for some big baking fun. We know, the big kid in YOU even begs to try something a little fancy-schmancy!! This one has Paris from home, written all over it!
Picture of Purple Drink

Purple Drink

Our PURPLE drink a riff on the fan favorite, totally secret menu item of one of our beloved coffee chain heros. Our purple drink features real cream and cane sugar blended with real blueberries and blackberries. We've added a touch of real blueberry flavor and a little wolfberry powder for extra purple drink fun. Blend with milk, cream or any non dairy nut milk! Sure to make a SPLASH among adults and kids too!