Are Meatless Mondays For You?

Are Meatless Mondays For You?

Are Meatless Mondays For You?


You probably know that a plant-based diet offers a lot of benefits for your health, but it can be hard to give up hamburgers and bacon. In fact, an estimated 4 out of 5 vegetarians eventually go back to eating meat.


There’s also evidence that making the transition gradually increases the chances of sticking with a meatless diet. Picking one day a week to eat vegetarian is an excellent place to start, and that’s the thinking behind the global movement for Meatless Mondays.


Begin each week with a meat-free day or design a schedule that works for your family. As you plan your new menus home, take a look at these ideas.


#1 - Learn New Recipes

Make vegetarian cooking fun by experimenting with new dishes. See how many different ways you can prepare chili or serve something elegant like a savory vegetable tart. By the time you get used to meatless Monday, your friends will be jealous of your cooking skill.

#2 - Make Substitutions and Stock Your Kitchen

Enjoy your old favorites without the meat. Use spinach in your lasagna and chickpeas for fajitas. Simplify mealtime by shopping in advance for vegetarian staples. Look for beans, nuts, and nutritional yeast. Or replace the bacon with apples or peanut butter in your sandwiches or muffin.

#3 - Do Your Research & Reach Out

Visit your local library or bookstore to find books about vegetarian and vegan lifestyles. Or you can learn from others who are trying to go meat-free. Browse through the Meatless Monday website or talk with friends and family who have made the transition. 


Meatless Mondays could be the start of a whole new way of eating for you and your family. Maybe you’ll decide to become a vegetarian for life or just cut back on your consumption of processed meat. There is no risk of eating without meat once a week. Try it out and let us know how you feel!

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