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Appetizers and Salads

Simple appetizers are sure to win you an award for best party, for tailgating, game night fun and pre-meal food! Nothing is better than a bite-sized appetizer to start off a meal. From dips to finger foods and perfect starters to share, these crowd-pleasing hot and cold appetizers are super simple to make.

Salads are a perfect pre-meal nutrition booster. Add a healthy, all-natural salad dressing and you've got a perfect pre-meal starter. Vegetables are so important in a diet and they are super easy to add into your daily routine with a pre-meal salad dressed to party! Just add simple ingredients like water, oil, and vinegar to our mixes and voila! a perfect flavorful and wildly delicious, no chemical salad dressing that takes 5 minutes or less!

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Picture of BAZINGA! - The ''ONE'' October Meal Box

BAZINGA! - The ''ONE'' October Meal Box

Our one meal box this month is a perfect comfort food meal.
Picture of Cheesy K-KRAX

Cheesy K-KRAX

Keto, Gluten Free, Sugar Free cracker K-Krax is our signature Keto Cracker made with a base of coconut flour. Cheesy K-Krax includes a combination of real cheddar, parmesan and Romano cheese. Enjoy a hint of garlic, onion and herb in every bite. A perfect complement to your dips, your soups, your chilis and anything you just want to "dip" into. Makes 36 to 48 crackers
Picture of Cheddar Ranch Party Cracker Mix

Cheddar Ranch Party Cracker Mix

Spice up your plain crackers with our cheddar ranch party cracker mix. Serve with your favorite cheese, dip or spread. Brings cheesy perfection to a whole new level.
Picture of Elephant Ear Party Cracker Mix

Elephant Ear Party Cracker Mix

For the sweet tooth in you! Our Elephant Ear signature party cracker mix features a blend of sugar, turbinado, honey, cinnamon, a pinch of nutmeg and a little sprinkle of caramel flavor.