Appetizers and Salads

Simple appetizers are sure to win you an award for best party, for tailgating, game night fun and pre-meal food! Nothing is better than a bite-sized appetizer to start off a meal. From dips to finger foods and perfect starters to share, these crowd-pleasing hot and cold appetizers are super simple to make.

Salads are a perfect pre-meal nutrition booster. Add a healthy, all-natural salad dressing and you've got a perfect pre-meal starter. Vegetables are so important in a diet and they are super easy to add into your daily routine with a pre-meal salad dressed to party! Just add simple ingredients like water, oil, and vinegar to our mixes and voila! a perfect flavorful and wildly delicious, no chemical salad dressing that takes 5 minutes or less!

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Picture of Slice of Heaven Za

Slice of Heaven Za

Nothing beats homemade pizza right out of the oven from your very own home. Making pizza doesn't have to be hard! We take out all the guesswork and give you a pizza dough mix (super easy to make!) to make enough for 2 medium pizzas. From Margherita and Greek to Alsatian and Tuscan! .. add as many toppings as you like to this irresistible homemade pizza! There's nothing quite like homemade pizza fare from home! Just add water and oil! Includes bonus sauce seasoning mix.
Picture of Sweet Maple Walnut Crunch Warm Glaze Mix

Sweet Maple Walnut Crunch Warm Glaze Mix

Gourmet Crostini (or baked brie en croute!) awaits you! Make your own Sweet Maple Walnut Crunch warm glaze that combines real maple, crunchy walnuts and a touch of sweet. A perfect saucepan topper for your crostini topped with brie, cream cheese or goat cheese. Amazing topped with thin slices of apples or pears. Create your own maple walnut baked brie bites and top with crushed bacon bits for the perfect sweet and salty petite appetizer Delicious as part of your fancy Brie on Croute Presentation!
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Picture of Guacamole Dip & Seasoning Blend

Guacamole Dip & Seasoning Blend

Who knew that creating party-perfect guacamole could be so easy? With Do You Bake's Guacamole Dip + Seasoning Blend, all you need is a few simple ingredients and you're on your way to guacamole glory! This deliciously easy-to-make guacamole is perfect for enjoying as a snack with crackers, chips or veggie sticks, or as a fabulous topping for tacos, power bowls or wraps. So go ahead and treat yourself (and your guests) to the gift of deliciousness - we promise, it'll be worth it! Packaged in a scoopable jar. Makes enough for 12 to 16 cups of dip
Picture of French Bread Pizza Appetizer

French Bread Pizza Appetizer

The secret to this easy pizza appetizer is in the toppings! grab a loaf of french bread, some pepperoni, cream cheese, and mozzarella cheese alongside our mix and create the best flavorful pizza apple ever! 10 minutes or less! We call that a totally quick and easy appetizer WIN! Makes enough for 1 whole loaf of french bread cut in half and then cut into strips! 20 - 24 slices