A Message from our Founder

A Message from our Founder

To all of our Do You Bake? Ambassadors and foodie + customer loving family, please be safe during our current health crises affecting and impacting our lives in various ways.  At times like this it is important we embrace those we love and be kind to all in our society.

As a reminder -

We are in full operation at both our USA and Canadian facilities.  As you know we take the safety and health of our community seriously. At this time we have no impact to operations, other than maybe a little slower than normal for another week or two as we digest all the news and sort out our operations to handle more growth.

We are a small but growing company with a small internal staff. A staff that has not traveled outside to high risk regions within the past year. Our risk is minimal and yet we are taking even bigger precautions at our facilities through this time.

As a reminder, we do indeed manufacture our own products. We source our raw materials in the USA and Canada.Our outside risk is thus minimal

So, how do you go from here? What do you do?

This is a great time to spend time with your loved ones. Find ways to keep the kiddos occupied, do your work from home thing and embrace the awesomeness of cooking and baking. Rock out the card games, the board games and take a minute to hit some at home cardio for some good ol fashioned heart health!

So much awesome stuff can happen right in the confines of your home.

Don't dwell on what you cannot do, embrace all the things you now get a chance to do! Like me! ... I get to find new and creative ways to workout in small spaces (I love the gym), I get to dream up really cool kiddo lovin' activities too you might be able to do in the kitchens with them! ... I get to be more mindful of the food that's going into my body each day. Play with my doggies, work hard on meeting and exceeding your expectations too!! Maybe read a little, learn something new and get a chance to work on all the fun stuff ahead for our company product release around the corners.

Yes!! There's lots of awesome stuff that can happen right from your home too!!

Sending you tons of love and positive mojo

From the bed... and laptop of your Founder, Jenn

Foodie gal, wellness advocate, weight loss success story and doggie mama.

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