8 Natural Ways to Manage Your Cholesterol

8 Natural Ways to Manage Your Cholesterol

We’ve talked about three tips to adjust your diet, so you can possibly manage your cholesterol in the last article. It includes increasing fiber intake, choosing the right fat and limiting red meat. Today we’re going to talk about some lifestyle-related tips to manage your cholesterol.

More suggestions on food choice:

#1 Drink in Moderation

At least one study suggests that having one or two drinks can lower cholesterol for some adults. Keep in mind that heavy drinking has the opposite effect, potentially harming your liver and other organs.

#2 Switch your snacks.

A healthy diet can include some treats. Munch on fruit, nuts, and air popped popcorn.

#3 Lose weight.

Slimming down can lower your cholesterol too. Find a diet you can stick with for the long run. Let your family and friends know about your goals and how they can support you.

#4 Cook light.

The way you prepare your food matters too. Cut back on cooking oil.  Bake and boil instead of frying.

Other Lifestyle Choices

Studies have shown that aerobic exercise and other smart choices can enhance the lipid-lowering effects of a heart-friendly diet. As a bonus, many of these habits will enhance your overall wellbeing, as well as lower your cholesterol. Try these lifestyle enhancements:

#1 Exercise regularly.

There are several theories about why exercise lowers cholesterol, including promoting weight loss and stimulating enzymes that remove cholesterol from your bloodstream. Aerobic activities and resistance training are both beneficial.

#2 Move.

You’ll see more results if you stay active in between workouts. Do manual chores like vacuuming and raking leaves. Take the stairs instead of riding the elevator.

#3 Quit smoking.

The tar in tobacco damages blood vessels and increases your risk for high cholesterol. Combining nicotine replacement devices and social support may help you to quit. Keep in mind that many adults make multiple attempts before they succeed.

#4 Consider supplements.

There’s a big market for cholesterol-reducing supplements like fish oil and niacin. Your doctor can advise you about possible drug interactions and other safety concerns.


Talk with your doctor about developing an action plan based on your individual needs. Natural methods may help you to manage your cholesterol without taking drugs or may enable you to reduce your dosage.

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