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6 More Healthy Tips for Women Over 40

6 More Healthy Tips for Women Over 40

We’ve talked about how to deal with menopause and stay physically fit especially for women over 40. Today we’re going to talk about more general healthy tips!


#1 Sleep Well

Although sleep is important to all ages, you may find it harder to fall asleep and stay asleep these days. Stick to a consistent schedule and block out nighttime noises.


#2 Watch Your Blood Pressure

Your blood pressure and heart rate rise as plaque deposits stiffen your arteries over the years. Losing weight, exercising, and limiting salt may help you to avoid needing medication.


#3 Screen For Cancer

Age increases your risk for many forms of cancer. Talk with your doctor about screening tests that spot cancers early when they're easier to treat and cure.


#4 Check Your Hearing

You may already be noticing signs of age-related hearing loss. Shield your ears from loud and persistent noises by lowering the volume on media devices and wearing earplugs when necessary.


#5 Protect Your Vision

Ensure your eyeglass and contact lens prescriptions are up to date if you're having trouble reading fine print. While no studies have shown a way to prevent cataracts, regular eye exams and managing conditions like diabetes can help.


#6 Remain Engaged

Staying connected is essential for vibrant aging. Cultivate close relationships and learn something new each day.



Staying informed and making healthy lifestyle choices can help you prevent and manage many of the conditions that come with aging. If you're a woman over 40, start now to maximize your chances of staying mentally sharp and physically fit in your golden years.

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