52 Weeks of New Foods

One of the toughest decisions parents make is what to put together for meal time. And! it's equally hard sometimes to find ways to expand your kiddo's palate, get them to try new foods. This year we're launching our 52 Weeks of New Foods Program. Program is geared towards expanding kiddos palates, educating on food nutrition and getting kids and parents together for mealtime prep fun.Each ezine we will carry four new products featuring 4 new foods to try - one for each week of the month!

February : MUSCLE FOOD!

All of our products this February in our 52 weeks of New Foods line up help fuel our muscles

NEW food tries!

Quinoa is one of the few vegetarian proteins that are complete proteins. It's rich in nutrients, naturally gluten free and both high in fiber and in protein.

Peanuts are a kiddo friendly nutritious food if eaten in moderation. Peanuts helps us form healthy bones and enables muscle growth

White Beans are a nutritional powerhouse. They are packed with fiber and protein and are a great source of micronutrients including folate, magnesium and vitamin B6

Walnuts in addition to protein, walnuts contain folate and omega-3. Packed with B vitamins, these nuts are essential for nerve health and development!

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Picture of Pumpkin Spice Scone

Pumpkin Spice Scone

Just like the famous coffee house, but from home! Bake up a batch of these easy pumpkin scones! Moist and tender, with earthy pumpkin and plenty of warm fall spice. Perfect with your morning cup of tea or coffee. The package makes 12 scones and includes pumpkin scone mix, vanilla frosting dip mix and our signature spiced drizzle
Picture of Roasted Squash

Roasted Squash

Roasted squash of all kinds is a perfect side dish kiddos love. We've blended brown sugar with a dash of cinnamon, paprika, salt, and pepper for a lovely touch to such a simple-to-make dish. The package makes enough for 3 batches.
Picture of Figgin' Fingerlings

Figgin' Fingerlings

Forget about those packaged figgie bars and make these from home. Oh, so much more delicious and a huge healthy punch. They have a delightful crunch and a filling that is scented with a touch of vanilla and orange. Enjoyed any time of day or as part of a snack with a mug of coffee or a cup of tea. A delicious high fiber, low sugar snack. Just add egg, honey (or maple syrup), and water.
Picture of Loaded Cauliflower Soup

Loaded Cauliflower Soup

Move overloaded potato soup! This Loaded Cauliflower Soup is lighter but just as delicious! Great Fall soup! Our soup is made with real cream, a chicken broth blend, real cauliflower, and a careful herb blend. We've finished this soup off with sharp white cheddar and pieces of cauliflower.