5 Things To Do With Your Rotisserie Chicken

5 Things To Do With Your Rotisserie Chicken

One of the easiest and better for you dinners as far as 'take away' and eat at home is the Rotisserie Chicken, we all find in our supermarket aisles.  The chicken is more than just a bird to reheat and eat for dinner!

Try these other great ways to use your Rotisserie for easy meals!

#1 Shred it in Soup!

Add a healthy dose of protein in your next stove-top broth.

#2 Wrap it up!

These chickies make a perfect protein addition (and flavorful too!) as part of our lunchtime wraps! A little avocado, a little boston bibb, a drizzle leftover of your Creamy Garlic Ranch Sauce and Dip Mix and you've got yourself a flavor packed meal!

#3 Looking low carb?

And Easy?  Toss some of your leftover chicken into a oven proof dish along with a scoop of no sugar added tomato sauce, a piece of pan crisped prosciutto or bacon and a slice of fresh mozzarella cheese. Broil until melty.  Yah! KETO lovers rejoice

#4 Shred your leftover chicken breast and toss with a little BBQ sauce.

Add your BBQ chicken in between a bun and top with coleslaw. A perfect BBQ chicken sandwich .. mm... restaurant style but home done!

#5 Mediterranean Style!

Shred your chicken and toss it into a pan coated in olive oil with a few grapes, a couple cranberries, handful of pitted olives and of course a little of our Light and tasty Mediterranean food. Squeeze a little lime juice to finish off.  Serve over rice!

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