5 Fruits and Vegetables You Are Storing Wrong

5 Fruits and Vegetables You Are Storing Wrong

You know the drill .. you head to the grocery store, pick up your favorite fruits and vegetables and shove them inside that second or third drawer for later. 

Then ... in a day or so you start to see those pretty plump fruit go limp or shrivel up.  Ugh... beautiful fruit, spoiled. Vegetables wrinkly. 

Just not the fresh-stuff love you thought you would have all week long.

Here are a few tips to keep your fresh stuff, fresh longer!

Fruits and vegetables don’t play well together. So don’t store them together in a refrigerator drawer or next to each other on the counter or in the pantry. Why? It comes down to science!  Fruit produces ethylene gas.  This gas helps ripen your fruit (it actually acts like our hormones do!). So that ripening process causes faster spoilage.

Vegetables need to breathe. We know how tempting it is just to toss everything in the fridge. You are tired, hungry and likely annoyed at all the grocery store antics. Take a couple minutes to poke holes in your plastic bags.  Never store your veggies in airtight bags. 

Don’t clean produce until you’re ready to use it. Washing fruits or vegetables before storing them makes them more likely to spoil, because dampness encourages bacteria growth.

1. Garlic : Store at room temperature in an open container, to allow air circulation. Don’t take off a clove’s protective papery husk until you’re ready to prep.

2. Onions : Store room temp. On the countertop. They do not fare well in the fridge. Don't set them next to your potatoes! And finally keep them in a dark location.  They turn from sweet to bitter when placed in a sunny or well lit location

3. Asparagus : Trim a half-inch off the end of the stalks and then stand them up in a small amount of water (covered loosely with a plastic bag) in the refrigerator, like a bouquet. They stay fresh for about four days. Re-trim the ends before using.

4. Cucumbers : They hate to be cold. Seriously. Anything below 50 degrees will cause them to spoil faster. If you must refrigerate your cukes, only keep them in the refrigerator for 4 days.  Oh and that's not all - keep these baby's away from your fruit. They will spoil faster because of the ethylene gas produced in fruit

5. Tomatoes : As long as tomatoes are fully ripe, a few days in the fridge won't ruin their flavor — and it will extend their shelf life. So let whole tomatoes ripen on the counter, then store them stem side down on a plate in the refrigerator. Cut tomatoes do better in an airtight container so they don't pick up any off-flavors. Let tomatoes come to room temperature before serving.

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