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5 Delicious Comfort Foods You'll Love

5 Delicious Comfort Foods You'll Love

Delicious Meals to feed your soul and offer the ultimate comfort

Sometimes, we all just need food that gives us not only a full belly, but a warm one. On a cold winter’s evening, when the sun sets way too early, when there’s nothing on Netflix that you haven’t seen and nothing in the cinema but award-grabby-artsy movies, on a rainy summer’s day… then it’s time to go into your kitchen, grab a few ingredients and make your soul feel good.



Stews are the ultimate food for the soul. They are easy to create, easy to pre-make and really hard to get wrong. After all, if something didn’t work out just perfectly right, just add a little something to get it right. There’s no limit to what can go into a stew: it can be vegetarian, it can combine meaty flavours.

Not only do they warm you up, they allow you to eat throughout the day, snacking while it simmers. A good stew will fill your whole home with delicious smells of wholesomeness.


Roast Chicken

There is (almost) no dish as easy to get right than a roast chicken. Sure, you can go and make it complicated and fancy, but at the heart of it all lies a sturdy meal that pleases almost everyone. Whether you try to make stuffing by yourself or get some handy help for some out there fancy stuffing, a chicken never disappoints. Just pop it in the oven, go about your day, and come home to a smell and tasting experience that will leave you feeling like you’ve just been cuddled by Mary Poppins herself.



Where would we be without this staple in our lives? Of course, there’s the low carb alternative of sweet potatoes or cauliflowers, but… if you want the real deal, you’ve got to go for this earthy, golden treasure. It’s not for nothing that the potato was deemed the most important import from the Americas in the 16th century (well… maybe they fancied tobacco more, but that’s another story).

Their secret lies in how versatile they are: fancy a roasted potato with cream cheese and a sprinkle of spring onion? Or mashed up with a scrumptious dollop of melty butter? Or fries that are perfectly fluffy on the inside? There is nothing the potato can’t do to make you happy.



The traditional meat loaf is an all round genius. It’s hearty, it’s filling, it’s easy to make and easy to store. It can feed families and singles. Recipes are often handed down through generations, while it remains so versatile that practically everyone who has ever attempted to make it has put their own twist on it. No two meatloafs are the same, just like no two cooks are the same. Some prefer it with cloves of garlic surrounding it while it marinates in it’s own juices. Some put it in a dish with potatoes and cook all of the sides in there at the same time.

Some prefer it tightly packed and dry, while others keep it loose to make it fall apart in big chunks.

However you make it, it is sure to evoke memories of good times.


Lasagne/Shepherd’s Pie

Lasagne and Shepherd’s Pie might be two entirely different dishes, but the same blood flows through their veins: They are bankers. Not one family gathering, not one evening with friends, not one relaxing sunday lunch can’t be improved by serving up a good, old-fashioned shepherd’s pie or a lasagna.

Want to visit a friend you haven’t seen in a long time? Bring a lasagna!

Want to say congrats on the new house/baby/dog/car/promotion? Bring a shepherd’s pie!

The other advantage with these two dishes is, that they can be made vegetarian or even vegan quite easily. Just substitute the meat for egg plant or seasoned cauliflower and you’ll have yourself a wonderful healthy alternative.

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