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3 Tips to Get Shape Without a Gym Membership

3 Tips to Get Shape Without a Gym Membership

We have given you some suggestions on workout types when you don’t have a gym membership. Such as calisthenics, jump rope, walk, hike, yoga, etc. However, we all know the function of a gym is not only the equipment in it, but also for their group lesson or personal coach. They offer you the opportunity to exercise and the knowledge behind it. So how could we get those benefits without having a gym membership?

#1 Find and follow a diet that works for you.

Exercise is only part of the answer to getting in great shape. Your diet plays a huge part, too. It can be challenging to find an eating plan that you enjoy that is also healthy. Keep working on it until you find something that clicks.


You simply can’t out-exercise a poor diet unless you’re a 20-year-old wide receiver.

#2 Exercise videos.

Cable TV and internet have countless exercise programs you can watch and join in the fun. Whether you like aerobics, bootcamp style workouts, or Pilates, there are endless options for learning and following along. Most of the options are 100% free, too.

The Last But Not Least - Drink water!

We are sure that you have heard this a hundred times, but we have to repeat it again. If you are desperate, drink water, please. If you are not happy, drink water, please. If you are all good and peaceful, drink water, please. Of course not too much. You know what we mean.


Water is another important component of getting into good shape. Your body is predominantly water, and your cells need water to work properly.


Calorie-free and healthy aren’t necessarily the same thing. There’s more and more evidence that artificial sweeteners contribute to overeating and type 2 diabetes. Your gut flora is also negatively impacted by artificial sweeteners. So, stick with water!


Gyms can be expensive and inconvenient. Avoid both of these disadvantages by working out at home. A few calisthenics and a quick run are all anyone needs. This is the basic method the military uses to whip recruits into shape quickly. If it can work for the army, it can work for you, too!


Get your diet under control, too, and you’ll be amazed by your progress.

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