Totally Tuscan Beer Bread

This is a simple and aromatic quick bread.

A perfect side dish to any winter night meal. Delicious with a bowl or soup or chilli.  Toasts up great. Makes for a great bread dipper for any hot or cold appetizer dip for your holiday celebrations.

Turn out a delicious Tuscan inspired Beer bread in less than 45 minutes (including bake time!) with only 5 minutes of prep!

Making FRESH bread could not be any easier!

Our classic textured beer bread infused with garlic, onion and a medley of Tuscan inspired spices. 

A simple quick bread flavored with beer or any carbonated beverage.  It's in the oven in less than 10 minutes and ready to the table in less than 45! Perfect accompaniment to any meal. Amazing used with any hot baked dip and perfect toasted or as part of your daily sandwhich routine

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Totally Tuscan Beer Bread
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