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Extreme Baker Start Up Kit

This is the ULTIMATE of New Consultant Start Up Kits



We have been in superstar growth mode all year long growing by double from last year! The opportunity to sign up as an ambassador and social seller with Do You Bake? and Crave It will only be available until the end of August (or sooner if we have an influx of sign ups prior to our estimated clos of open enrollment.  Open enrollment will close on or before August 30th 2017 and will reopen at a later date.  In order to support our current ambassadors efficiently, effectively through the HUGE fall season, we will not be taking on any new ambassadors during this period.  Sign up today before we close our open enrollment opportunity until after the fall rush (if you miss the opportunity to sign up before or you will be put on our waiting list for when we open enrollment back up.


Our Kit options will change when we open enrollment back up


A super kit designed for the super start business builder. This kit includes the following – 50 Do You Bake? catalogs mixed from current seasonal catalogs and full year catalogs, a set of post cards (25), a set of 3 part forms (100), 35 product samplers (packaged in our product sampling packaging) and 15 full sized retail ready products, a super easy to follow START MY BIZ Today checklist & system to help you start your business and get it along a super-duper building path in your first thirty, sixty and ninety days.

You will receive your websites FREE for 3 months

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$195.00 (CAD)

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