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Deep Dive Chocolate Smoothie Bowl Kit

Brands: CRAVE IT!

Smoothie bowl kits - The one thing that separates you from the perfect smoothie bowl ... are the toppings, of course!

Each of our Deep Dive Bowls contain

😍14 individually packaged smoothie bowl toppings.  Perfect for mixing and matching to create the most delicious and healthy smoothie bowl.  There's enough toppings to enjoy 20 - 24 bowls

😍Recipes using your toppings to create daring and delicious bowls

Our Deep Dive Chocolate Smoothie Bowl Kit includes the following toppings

βœ…Chocolate Covered Coffee Beans

βœ…Chocolate Love Granola

βœ…Chia Seeds

βœ…Dry Roasted & Salted Peanuts


βœ…Gourmet Large Coconut Flakes

βœ…Raw Cacao Nibs

βœ…Crunchy Ice Cream Sandwiches

βœ…Flax Seeds

βœ…Puffed Quinoa & Sorghum Crisp

βœ…honey-Almond Granola

βœ…Crispy Banana Chips

βœ…Casava Crisps

βœ…Fluffed Marshmallow Crunch

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