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Exclusive February Meal Set

Dinner and Dessert Set

Step into February with this delicious customer special. Our Dinner and dessert meal set includes our top selling Broccoli and Cheddar soup mix alongside an exclusive big mix dessert Chocolate Brownie Swirl Cake

Dinner is ready in less than 10 minutes!  Make ahead your Chocolate Brownie swirl cake for a delicious cake. Leftovers make for perfect french toast, bread pudding or atop ice cream

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Our Broccoli & Cheddar Soup Mix :

An easy soup to make on a cool winter evening. Just add water or milk for a creamier soup.  Our broccoli soup is filled with delicious broccoli pieces and bites. Aromas of garlic, onion and soothing herbs hit your nostrils as this soup cooks stovetop.  For a heartier soup add a cup of extra broccoli.  To increase your protein, just add chunks of leftover chicken for a hometown chicken and broccoli soup.  Delicious served alongside a salad and crusty bread. 

Our Chocolate Brownie Swirl Cake Mix:  An incredible partnership of cake and brownie put together.  A little fudgy, a little light fluffy vanilla and a lot of YUM from those that enjoy! Our mix is one of our Big Box mixes - makes enough for a large bundt or tube pan. 

This duo is a delicious way to enjoy a weeknight or weekend dinner with the family! 

On sale and only available in February

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$21.00 (CAD) $17.00 (CAD)

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