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Life's a Beach : July Freezer Meal

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Beaches are fun ... lake life, beach life .. and there's nothing even better than having everything you need ready to go ... and there's nothing even sweeter than being able to mix n match your meals and your foodie eats spread for the day or evening or night ..

Our JULY Freezer meal gives YOU that flexibility! The flexibility to mix and match your meal any way you would like!

AND our salads are super easy, super versatile and we give you tons of mix/match options from creamy to oil n vinaga ... easy salads that take less than 15 mins to prep for your beachy day.

We of course will give you TONS of suggestions and there are a few little extras in the meal with plenty of leftover STUFF that you'll be able to use later!

Oh and what would a beach day be without a delicious frozen dessert? yup .. we have that covered too!

And of course ... a beach day would not be a beach day without snacks..right? .. so yup! we've included on of my Fave Snacks as part of the collection .. because I don't know about you, but I absolutely have to have a snack or two while at the beach!

Our Freezer Meal Solutions feed 4 - 6 for each of the main meals and the salads. The desserts feed 10 - 12

PSST - don't forget our super Bonuses this month!

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