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Hello Sweet Tooth! How are you? ... Ahh delicious sweet tooth cravins' are averted with these YUMMY Slow cooked to perfection options! BOMB! and more BOMB! Try our fan favorite chocolate Bomb or pick up a NEW BOMB! Twist -- hello Peanut Butter Cup!

Who said Gourmet couldn't be easy?

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Desserts a la Slow Cooker

Banana a la Foster Cake

Oh yes! Perfect slow cooker dessert! ooey gooey!

$8.25 (USD)

Peanut Butter Cup BOMB

Get your Slow Cookin' sweet tastebuds ready! BOMBs UP!

$8.25 (USD)

The Chocolate BOMB

A fan FAV better than ever. Ahh yes! Smooth slow cooked Chocolate is in your future!

$8.25 (USD)
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