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Everyone loves a set it and forget it meal maker! We love dropping our ingredients, adding a few wet, turning on the slow cookin' settings and coming back to a delicious and flavor infused meal! Enjoy some of our customer favorites and a whole lot of NEW! From meals to desesrts, these are great crowd pleasers!

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Slow Cooker Sumptuous Simmerings

Banana a la Foster Cake

Oh yes! Perfect slow cooker dessert! ooey gooey!

$8.25 (USD)

Better than Mama's Pot Roast

Ahh Yes! Melt in your mouth, set it and forget it pot roast. Packed with Oniony-Herby goodness!

$7.25 (USD)

Don't STEW Over It!

No need to STEW over this Simmering. Perfectly aromatic deliciously simple stew. Excellent with beer bread!

$8.95 (USD)

Indian Style Pulled Pork

Slow Cooker Pulled Pork inspired by aromatic Indian Flavors

$8.95 (USD)
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