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eNerGiZe It! With nutrient, protein &fiber- rich snack bars made right at home with only a few simple ingredients. 

eNerGiZe Day! Our line of energy bars are created with the busy person in mind. We use the highest quality of protein and ingredients for each of our energy bars mixes.

Enjoy a piece before or after a hard workout. Each of our eNerGiZe mixes makes an 8x8 sized pan cut into 10 to 12 food real energy bars.

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Energy, Protein- Packed and Nutrient- Dense Snack Bars

Date & Almond

Paleo friendly energy bar.

$14.75 (CAD)

eNerGiZe It! - Ancient Grains

Packed with a host of super grains, protein and added fiber. 14g of protein per serving

$12.25 (CAD)

eNerGiZe It! - Chippity Almond

10g of protein in each prepared bar. Satisfies your sweet cravings with a little crunch and a lot of real goodness.

$13.95 (CAD)

eNerGiZe It! - Chocolate Quinoa *PB* Crunch Bars

Crisp Quinoa bars with chia and flax. Slightly chewy and slightly crunchy and a YUMMY satisfying snack.

$14.50 (CAD)
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