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AUGUST Kids Club : Edible Science with Rock Candy

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Get the kids interested in the science of Rock Candy! We provide three unique flavors and all the tools you need (minus the jars) to create three delicious 'growing' rock candy!
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It's that season where we watch the ferris wheels go round, the carousel filled with porcelain horses rotate in all their shining bliss.  Heading to the street fairs or the traveling fairs and a signal of summer fun where kids are mesmerized by all the lights, the sounds, the games and the glory.

Bring a little bit of the sweet fair home and create a fun edible and SWEET science project with the kids.  This month we feature the fair worthy rock candy. 

You'll be growing sugar crystals in your home with your kids in FOUR delicious sweet flavors (and of course, it's all natural too!). 

Our little kitchen chemistry experiment will delight the kiddos! 

AND mom's n dads, just imagine your kiddo's faces as they walk by your fun foodie experiment each day to measure the extra crystal magic! that's right .. this is not only fun to make but the sheer excitement on your kiddos faces as they watch the crystals take shape in 1, 3, 5, 7, 10 days is fun! .. and great photo ops too!

We provide 4 fun flavored mixes and all the tools you need (plus a little fun science instruction too!) to create your sweet creations! Just add water and get 4 jars (canning jars or clear jars are our recommendation!) ready for your science candy experiment

ALLERGEN : This kit IS gluten free AND dairy free


Note : we do process wheat, dairy, soy, milk, sesame, mustard in our facility


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